Frequently Asked Questions
What is AnshBux?

Anshbux is the ptc community for everyone where our member's have the opportunity to earn money & advertisers to promote their assets.

How to earn money in anshbux?

Members can earn money by visiting a website for certain time decided by advertisers even they also can earn money by completing paid signup jobs.

Are there any fee for registering with anshbux?

No, absolutely not ! We don't cost you money for registering with anshbux. However one can purchase our premium membership to earn more money than free membership.

How to withdraw money & what is the minimum withdraw amount criteria ?

Free members can withdraw their earnings using perfectmoney and SolidTrustPay on a net30 basis and once they reach minimum thereshold to 2$ , our paid members are allowed to withdraw at any time (minimum = 5$) .

What is net30 ?

We will let you withdraw your earnings once you have completed 30 days clicking ads with anshbux & premium members are allowed to withdraw their money as soon as they complete minimum withdrawal requirements.

How much time it takes to complete withdrawing ?

All payments are instantly processed through our payment processors, in case any failed transaction we will process all the withdraw requests manually & within 72 hours, sometimes it may take longer than expected.

How to advertise in anshbux?

You need to register an account with us to create an advertisement & We have certain type of advertisement methods like paid to click ads, paid signup jobs, banner ads, featured ads & featured link ads.

Are there any refund policy?

No, all purchases are final and we do not provide any refunds in any manner.

What about fraud/hacker protection ?

We have ssl installed with our backend & we use dDos protection for anshbux.

How much can i earn with anshbux?

This is totally depends on you that how much you are able to earn with anshbux.

Are there any referral program ?

Yes , as a free member you can earn 20% referral clicks, 10% purchase comission , 1$ upgrade comission & as our premium member you can earn 50% referral clicks , 25% purchase comission , 2.50$ upgrade comission.

How to join referral program?

Once registered you can find "banners" menu in your member dashboard section where you can get your referral link & banners.

How to contact with anshbux support?

In our member dashboard you can create support ticket or send your support request directly to - , we also have a live chat option for you, you need to open our chat popup from bottom area of the anshbux.

How to make a deposit ?

You can use our payment processors to deposit money in your account, choose the "add funds" menu and process the deposit using paypal, perfectmoney and SolidTrustPay.

Are there any withdraw fee?

Yes , we charge 0.015$ + 1% for perfectmoney withdrawals and 0.025 + 2% for solid trust pay withdrawals.

Do i need to have referrals in order to get payments from anshbux?

No you are not required to have referrals in order to get payments by anshbux, however you can use our referral program to earn more money.

Can i register two accounts with anshbux?

No, you are not permitted to create two accounts in our system , if you did this your referral earnings will be deducted while cashing out from anshbux.